Helical Gear Unit

Helical Gear Unit



Huge modular system for the optimal gear unit solution.

Comprehensive accessory program

Available as an individual gear unit or an integrated drive system

High quality casting housing improves the gearbox mechanical strength and anti-vibration capability

The geometrical design of gear tooth provides high efficiency

Maximum load bearing capacity

Long-service life

Low noise

High efficiency

Different cooling options

Broad Specification

Model: H1 - H4

Ratio range: 1.22 - 657

Torque range (kNm): 0.4 - 350

Power rating (kW): Up to 9000



Power range: Up to 104 kW

Reduction ratio range: 25/1 to 42/1

Sizes: 112 to 250mm CD


• Vertical gearbox with FLS and inbuilt tapper roller bearings

• Inclusive of tapper roller bearings to take care of overhung loads from agitator

• Flange for input motor connection & output side bearing placed within drywell is also grease lubricated

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