Extruder Gearbox

General  Description

‘Premium’ GHE-Series Extruder Gearboxes in double reduction parallel shaft horizontal and vertical models are intended to satisfy characteristic requirements and conditions encountered in single screw extrusion process. The gear units are quite capable to transmit the high torque required for pressurising and plasticising moulding materials. They can also absorb the high axial thrust through built-in spherical roller thrust bearing. A separate critically designed axial bearing housing accommodate thrust bearings of different sizes according to application loads. The hollow output shafts mounted with the different thrust bearings have different bores to accommodate the thrust screw. The units can be offered in Left hand or Right hand configurations with horizontal and vertical  mounting to meet specific mounting needs. The modular design of GHE Series gearboxes offer a great range of flexibility in the interchangeability of parts.


•  8 sizes of units with ratio coverage ranging from 5.06/1 to 25.6/1.

• GHE Series gearboxes are fully metric.

• The units sizes upto 160 are in unicast housing and above 160 are in split housing.

• Shaft extension keyway are to IS:2048.

• Output bores are provided with single keyway provisions. Double keyway / Splined bores can

be provided against customised requirements.

• Optional Cooling Coil provisions for additional cooling.

• The units can be suited to accommodate different thrust bearings.

• LH and RH handing can be provided.

• Horizontal and Vertical mountings are possible.

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