Agitator Gearbox

SUMIKO offers a wide range of Planetary Gearboxes &
Geared Motors to various applications in all type of
industries. SUMIKO planetary Gearboxes & Geared
Motors are manufactured at Satara, manchester of
Planetary Gearboxes in India. We are introducing our
new series of Planetary Gearboxes starting from 40Nm to
50000Nm in torque capacities with reduction ratios 3'5:1
to 10000:1 with single stage, double stage, triple stage,
quadruple stage and five stages in normal conditions. we
can also offer more ratlos as per customers

SUMIKO offers 12 different models starting SU-01 to
SU-12 . Out put mounting is Foot , Flange , Agitator with
Solid Male Cylindrical shaft, Hollow Female cylindrical
shaft with Keyway or Shrink Disc, Male Spline Shaft,
Female Spline Shaft. Input mountings are Free (Solid
Male Shaft) and Hollow shafts as per motor mounting
frame size or motor mounting details for any type of
prime movers.
SUMIKO Enterprises is a Proprietary firm launched in
2002. Since last two decades we expertise in Designing
and Manufacturing any type of Planetary Gearboxes.

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