Sumiko Planetary Gearbox & Geared Motors

Sumiko Planetary Geared Motor
We are offering planetary geared motors with Output speed of 0.15 RPM to 410 RPM (Below 0.15 rpm can be given on request), solid Male Output Shaft, Hollow output shaft with shrink disc or Keyway, male or female spline shafts, These geared motors, electric motors are built with squirrel cage induction TEFC motor of ICE Standard and have We can customize these planetary geared motors, on various parameters as per the requirements of our clients.

Our planetary geared motors are available in following range:
Mounting- Foot, Flange or Agitator
Solid Male Shaft
Hollow output with shrink disc or Keyway.
Male or Female Spline Shaft.
Output speed 0.15 RPM to 410 RPM
Power 0.09 Kw to 15 Kw
Torque capacity up to 50,000 Nm

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